WA Fishing Industry Council

The peak industry body representing professional fishing, pearling and aquaculture enterprises, processors and exporters in Western Australia.

WAFIC works to secure a responsible and sustainable industry that is confident of resource sustainability and security of access to a fair share of the resource; cost-effective fisheries’ management; that businesses can be operated in a safe, environmentally responsible and profitable way; and that investment in industry research and development is valued and promoted.

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Our Industry

The pristine waters along Western Australia’s coastline yield a wide variety of the highest quality seafood in the world. The commercial fishing industry contributes an estimated $400 million annually to the State’s economy and supports

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Who We Are

We work to focus the commercial fishing industry on areas of agreement, rather than areas of disagreement and provide direct support to those commercial fisheries in WA that do not have their own dedicated sector body.

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WAFIC Visits the 2016 Albany Festival of the Sea