WAFIC has a strategic vision that focuses on the following four key areas. This focus provides direction and helps to inform our ongoing activities.

  1. Resource Access and Industry Sustainability
    Securing and maintaining access to the State’s fisheries resources is essential if Western Australia is to have a viable commercial fishing industry. Ensuring that commercial fishers are similarly supported to effectively utilise access to resources is similarly important. WAFIC’s vision is to develop processes and relationships with key stakeholders such as government regulators, fishers and other industry stakeholders that share the marine environment, to ensure fishers can continue to access WA’s fisheries resources and supply the market.
  2. Industry and Stakeholder Communications and Engagement
    Appropriate sharing of information plays a key role in determining how to best manage WA’s fisheries for the benefit of current and future generations. WAFIC believes that inclusive, open and responsible communication is crucial and tries to apply these principles in all communication activities.
  3. Building Community Support
    Research has shown that almost nine out of every 10 people who consume seafood do not catch their own fish – they buy it. This means most lovers of seafood rely on professional fishers for product. But a big section of this community has little real knowledge of the commercial fishing sector and almost two thirds either do not know, or believe the commercial fishing industry is unsustainable. WAFIC believes that highlighting the social, financial and environmental contribution made to the State by the commercial fishing sector is an important way to help protect WA’s long-term food security.
  4. Building Organisational Capacity
    It is not enough to work tirelessly to promote and protect the interests of WA’s commercial fishing sectors. As the peak industry body representing commercial fishing, pearling and aquaculture interests in WA, WAFIC also strives to demonstrate leadership at a national level and to that end works to develop its own organisational capacity. Staff development, boosting its national advocacy function, strengthening its representation on national bodies, improving its governance, policy and procedures, and upgrading its IT and business processes are all part of WAFIC’s strategic vision to position itself as a reliable, smart and effective industry leader.