A Peak National Seafood Body: Why we need one: WAFIC’s independent Chair Kim Chance adds his thoughts

I am disturbed to note a certain reticence from some quarters about the idea of establishing a national peak body for the commercial fishing and seafood industry.

While I respect everyone’s right to an opinion on this very important issue, I would argue that although diversity is a fundamental characteristic of our industry, it can sometimes operate to our disadvantage.

IMG_0192 (2)Having a national peak body is a positive step in taking a wide range of differing opinions and presenting a consolidated industry position that can act as a starting point for progress with our political leaders and the broader community.

I believe most people would acknowledge that representation by State peak bodies plays an important role in getting politicians, regulators and the public to recognise the important contribution our industry makes to the economy, the environment and society at large.

Let’s face it, we need industry bodies – from professional fishing associations that represent individual fishers, sector bodies that represent specific fisheries, to peak state organisations that protect and promote the industry at a State or Territory level. Read the full text of my comments here



National Seafood Body