The Good Food and Wine Show was held again this year at the Perth convention centre on a weekend in August – with #WASeafood hitting the stage thanks to our Seafood Ambassador Don Hancey and the lads from Fins Seafood.

WA Seafood Ambassador Don Hancey and Phil Clark from Fins Seafood presenting at this year’s Good Food and Wine Show. Patrons were educated on #WAseafood and how to cook this simple, but delicious recipe.

For 30 minutes, all eyes were on Don and Phil Clark as they educated patrons about #WASEAFOOD via a ‘DIY seafood hotpot’ cooking demonstration using local ingredients. There was good banter throughout the segment but the highlight had to be the #WASEAFOOD, the star of the show.

WA scallops, mullet, mussels and Shark Bay prawns were part of this seafood hotpot.

Don simmered Abrolhos Island scallops, Cockburn Sound mussels, Mandurah mullet and Shark Bay prawns in a rich tomato broth whilst throwing in local chillies, fresh herbs, olive oil and garlic.

Shark Bay Prawns were on the menu!

It was great to see a crowd entertained and educated about their local seafood industry, whilst licking their lips wanting a try!

Viewers had the opportunity to have a taste test! Scallops, mullet, mussels and Shark Bay prawns were part of this seafood hotpot.

The dish turning out to be delicious, with attitude (spice). One taste-taster, with tears in her eyes, said she would never have thought about using WA seafood in this way, and would cook it again ( without the 6 chillies). Another was so impressed to see her young children, plus her husband, ferociously lick their bowls clean – stating, “why has this just come into my life now?”

Friday’s segment was about PROMOTING #WASEAFOOD. Don Hancey with a #WASEAFOOD lover.

Once again #WASEAFOOD made  waves on stage (where it should be) in front of a local audience. Underutilised species were promoted, along with our very sustainable seafood industry. This was one cooking demonstration that patrons would not be forgetting anytime soon!


For the full hotpot recipe using #WASEAFOOD click here