The Abrolhos Islands and Mid West Trawl Managed Fishery (AIMWTMF) is based on the take of saucer scallops (Amusium balloti), with a small component targeting the western king prawn (Penaeus latisulcatus) in the Port Gregory area.

The South West Trawl Managed Fishery (SWTMF) is a multi-sepcies fishery and includes two of the State’s smaller scallop fishing grounds – Fremantle and north of Geographe Bay.

The South Coast Trawl Fishery (SCTF) principally targets scallops (A. balloti) and associated by-products, although in years of low scallop catches licensees may use other trawl gear to target fin-fish species.

Scallop landings for the fishery have varied dramatically over the years, depending primarily on the strength of recruitment.

While the boundaries of the fishery covers a large section of the south coast, the operations of the fleet are effectively restricted to very small areas of higher scallop abundance.

Key Species Fished

Saucer Scallop
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