Fee-Free TAFE training in WA for 2024-2027

A program to deliver fee-free TAFE and vocational education and training (VET) places to Western Australians will continue over the next three years.

Under the joint Federal-State government partnership, a further 22,200 fee-free TAFE and VET places will be available for Western Australians from January 2024.

In 2024, the WA Government will fund additional places to keep pace with demand, which has seen fee-free enrolments across VET soar to more than 34,000 this year.

This injection of fee-free training places builds on the success of the initiative throughout 2023, and will continue to provide cost of living support for Western Australians choosing to study in priority areas.

It continues the collaboration between the Commonwealth and WA Governments to help plug the skills gap and provide training opportunities for all Australians.

Fee-free places target areas of skills shortage such as early childhood education and care, health care, aged and disability care, technology and digital skills, hospitality and tourism, construction, agriculture, VET workforce, and the defence industry.

This year saw a strong take up of fee-free places, with qualifications in early childhood education and care, aged and disability care, nursing, along with information technology, and hospitality having the strongest enrolments, adding much-needed skills for these priority industries.

In 2023, fee-free training is available across 130 courses, including a range of qualifications and skill sets with all Western Australians eligible to access the program at WA TAFE colleges and training providers.

In WA, plans are also underway to implement the Federal Government’s $8.2 million TAFE Technology Fund to improve training facilities in the State.

FREE IN ’23 has already supported women and youth to overcome the cost barriers through the waiving of fees, which combined with additional wrap-around support for more vulnerable students.

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