ProWest hitting the mark

It’s been interesting to see the response to WAFIC’s new online ProWest newsletter over the last month.

Not only are we seeing a growing wave of support and increased understanding of the issues facing the South Coast Marine Park consultation process, but we are also seeing a number of disenfranchised and disillusioned stakeholders and government staffers sharing inside information on the flawed process and the ‘interesting’ decision-making process being employed.

We thank those insiders who are sharing with us, as this folly needs to be brought before the public as part of the broader public awareness. It will hopefully also enhance awareness of why DBCA is ‘outsourcing’ its environmental policy decision making to a cashed-up US-based eco-lobby group – Pew Charitable Trust.

We can only assume DBCA doesn’t have the required capability for policy setting or decision making itself.

Unfortunately, the whole process has been a debacle from the start.
You can follow the slow-moving consultation train wreck in ProWest at these links.