ProWest News – Flawed marine park planning threatens WA food security

While DBCA’s US-based eco-lobby team are sharing cute images of whale calves as justification for WA marine parks, West Australians should be aware of the truth behind marine park planning and the broader implications that sit behind the government’s flawed planning process.

There’s always a lot of support for the concept of sensible marine parks, including from within the commercial fishing sector, however it’s important to understand that locking up around 25 percent of more than 3000 square kilometres of prime southern coastline, representing some of WA’s most sustainable and productive fishing areas, for marine park sanctuary zones, will further place the State’s ability to feed itself at risk.

WA already imports 70 per cent of its seafood, and this massive marine park will transfer additional demand from WA’s sustainable fisheries onto unsustainable overseas sources.

Is DBCA really focussed on long-term sustainability, or is it simply transferring local seafood demand onto illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing zones offshore?

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