ProWest News – U.S eco-lobbyists Pew imposing their will on WA locals

It’s been a big week for people on the South Coast who have been blessed with a movie night extolling the wonderful virtues of reefs and sponges and leafy sea dragons, all funded by the US eco-lobbyists, Pew Charitable Trusts.

Yes, this is the very same mob that is in cahoots with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) on the South Coast Marine Park.

Well, it seems that the propaganda nights didn’t go as planned, with South Coast locals asking plenty of uncomfortable questions, and pulling apart Pew’s unfounded claims about seabird and penguin colonies.

And the rhetoric is becoming even more incredible, as we confirm in this edition of ProWest that DBCA has tied itself to Pew group as its environment partner.

It’s hard to believe that a principled government that so famously protected WA’s borders and shielded local voices from overseas interests during COVID, would now so quickly change direction and sacrifice WA’s environmental policy-setting to satisfy the irrelevant desires of billionaire US eco-lobbyists.

Which beggars the question – Why?

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