ProWest News – WAFIC issues urgent warning over South Coast Marine Park fiasco

This new ‘ProWest’ CEO podcast sets out WAFIC’s urgent warning over the unfolding South Coast Marine Park fiasco.

The package includes a PDF newsletter covering the overwhelming number of issues impacting the marine park consultation, as well as some of the inconvenient truths about the flawed consultation process.

If you prefer, you can also listen to it on our Direct Channel podcast. The podcast is just over 22 minutes long, but is still just a brief summary of where things stand.

The flawed engagement and untrustworthy behaviour of DBCA has now placed the future of the south coast fisheries at serious risk, and the supply of fresh local fish will be crushed if the current proposals are accepted.

The situation is reminiscent of the ‘’Kelly affair’’ in 2019, when attacks were launched upon the very heart of the western rock lobster fishing families, and industry forces had to be joined to mount a bitter public fightback.

The livelihoods of our south coast fishers are currently at high risk of damage, so WAFIC cannot and will not back off. DBCA will be publicly held to account for its broken ‘consultation’ process with clearly pre-determined outcomes.

WAFIC will continue to release regular bulletins and podcasts on this matter to expose the DBCA process shortcomings and broken promises.
Read the full story on the WAFIC website here.
Download the pdf newsletter here.
Download the Direct Channel PDF here.