Have a ‘Ripper’ Aussie Day with WA Seafood

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC), John Harrison, said whether you’re at your local ‘watering-hole’ with mates, ‘lobbed up’ at your best friend’s house for a ‘barbie’ or in your bathers cooking ‘breaky’, ‘av a go’ and make sure you enjoy WA seafood this Australia Day.

 “We encourage the Western Australian seafood loving community to embrace our beautiful, fresh, and local seafood this special long weekend.”

 “But as a reminder, make sure you pay an early visit to your favourite seafood retailer as you don’t want to be the one that ‘couldn’t organise a bucket of sand in the desert’ and miss out on your favourite local species!”

 Mr Harrison said although Aussie legend Paul Hogan may have promoted ‘throw a shrimp on the barbie’, he is urging seafood consumers to give other local ‘dark horse’ species a go; such as shark, mullet, whitebait, pearl perch, cuttlefish and more.

 “These species ‘deliver the goods’ with their robustness and flavour.”

“All you need to do is put your preferred choice – whole or filleted – on the ‘barbie’ and drizzle with a bit of oil, lemon juice and seasoning. You will be saying ‘crikey, you ripper’ – because these lesser known seafood varieties are that good!”

Mr Harrison said the Australia Day long-weekend is an important time to reflect upon the hard-work and dedication of our fishers and is an excellent opportunity to get behind the local fishing community.

“Uninformed comments, especially on social media, suggesting our local industry is not sustainable are designed to scare the seafood loving public.”

“In WA we are fortunate enough to be sitting in the ‘box seat’ to access some of the finest seafood in the world. The weekend provides an important occasion to celebrate this trusted, safe and sustainable primary industry.”

 “We encourage you all to ensure that local seafood features proudly on your Australia Day menu.”

 “The weekend provides the perfect setting to back the WA seafood community that gives you the freedom to purchase great West Aussie seafood,” he concluded.


Media Contact:

Danika Gusmeroli


9432 7710

Aussie Slogan Defined:

Watering- hole – Pub or bar

Lobbed up – Arrived unexpectedly

Breaky – Breakfast

Av a go – Have a go

Throw a shrimp on the barbie – through a prawn on the barbie

Deliver the goods – Deliver what was promised

Dark horse – the underdog favourite

Barbie – A barbecue

Crikey – An exclamation of surprise

You little ripper – when something comes good for you

Couldn’t organise a bucket of sand in the desert – Un-organised

Box Seat – Best Seat in The House