Have your say on the FRDC research priority setting and funding process

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC)’s new WA Research Advisory Committee (WARAC) has recently been inducted and will be meeting in early September to identify, collate and prioritise potential WA fishing and aquaculture R&D investment needs to be funded through the FRDC.

The current committee comprises a mix of expertise and representatives:

  • Brett McCallum, Independent Chair
  • Dr Matt Pember, WA Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC)
  • Leyland Campbell, RecFishWest
  • Dr Dan Gaughan, DPIRD Research Division
  • Clinton Syers, DPIRD Management Division
  • Dr Mat Vanderklift, independent scientist (CSIRO)
  • Heidi Mippy, indigenous fishing
  • Manue Daniels, commercial fishing
  • Amber Evans, aquaculture

The WARAC is supported by FRDC Senior Research Portfolio Manger, Chris Izzo and FRDC WA Extension Officer, Felicity Horn. You can find more information on the WARAC here.

How Industry Can Submit a Research Priority Application

There is an opportunity for WA fishing industry members to have their say on how and where research and development funds should be allocated.

If you have an idea, get in touch with Matt Pember at WAFIC, or Felicity Horn at FRDC.

However, priorities can be submitted by anyone, at any time and will be considered by the WARAC at their regular meetings.

Priorities can be submitted on THE TEMPLATE AVAILABLE HERE.

Please note to be considered at the upcoming meeting research priorities should be submitted by Wednesday 23rd August.

More information:

The FRDC Research and Development Plan (2020-2025) sets out five outcomes for research investment. Priorities will need to fit within one of the following outcomes set out in the FRDC R&D Plan 2020–2025.

Priorities will need to demonstrate the clear link between the ‘need’ and the ‘end user beneficiaries’ to better deliver direct impact through FRDC investment.
This is best done through letters of support or direct involvement of end users in the priority submission.


Felicity Horn at [email protected]

Matt Pember at [email protected] or phone 0438 511 226