Scheduling upcoming fisheries long-term LENS Assessments 2023-2028

Between 2015 and 2018, over 60 commercial fisheries had their export approvals extended for up to 10 years.

These approvals, granted using the List of Exempt Native Specimens (LENS), begin to expire from May 2025.

The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water is now working with fisheries managers around Australia to determine which fisheries are eligible for new long-term export approvals and to coordinate the significant work associated with applications and assessments.

The department is now working proactively with fisheries management agencies around Australia to prioritise and implement this large body of work, and support ongoing export for eligible low-risk fisheries.

Managing upcoming assessments

Each fishery assessment typically takes six months and includes a period of public consultation.

Sustainable Fisheries have prepared a draft assessment schedule for 2025-2028, which aims to:

  • Spread the application and assessment workload to consider fisheries management events, e.g. stock assessments or reforms
  • Prioritise assessments based on eligibility criteria, capacity and an updated understanding on whether export is still required or not.

Following reassessment, and where appropriate, some existing long-term export approvals may gain another extended (up to 10 years) long-term LENS approval. In other cases, where the fishery no longer meets eligibility criteria, it may be necessary to consider this fishery for a shorter three-year Wildlife Trade Operation approval.

The Sustainable Fisheries Section needs the help of fisheries managers and fishing industry members to identify which fisheries currently need export approval, and which fisheries do not. For those fisheries that still require export approval, provision of clear, detailed information on the fishery in the application will facilitate an informed and streamlined assessment process.

Fisheries that do not need export approval will not be assessed, and may have their export approvals lapse. If you later determine that export approval is required, fisheries managements agencies can reapply for assessment at any time and the assessment process will be the same.

Tell us whether your fishery exports. The survey closes on 15 December 2023.

The survey should only take five minutes and is anonymous. Information collected will only be used to determine which fisheries require reassessment and will not be made publicly available.

The survey can be accessed here.