WA’s Seafood Industry: A Billion Dollar Story

New research shows that WA’s commercial fishing and aquaculture operators inject nearly $1-billion dollars into the WA economy and create more than 6,000 local jobs each year.

The research from the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) models the annual net contribution of the sector to the WA and Australian economies.

In 2017-18 Fishing and Aquaculture contributed $989 million dollars to the WA economy and an additional $394 million from WA to the Australian economy.

The sector also employs thousands of Western Australians. The research shows that the sector provides 6,281 full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs, contributing $438 million to household incomes across the State. Another 2,857 full time jobs are generated by the WA seafood industry in the rest of Australia.

WA Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Alex Ogg said that the figures demonstrated the local seafood industry’s crucial role as a major employer and economic contributor to WA and the nation.

“While these results will not be surprising for many in our industry, it is fantastic to have authoritative research demonstrating the significant value the seafood industry adds to the WA economy,” Mr Ogg said.

“Our State is home to a flourishing seafood supply chain including wild-catch fishers, pearlers, seafood processors and a growing aquaculture sector, all of whom make a major contribution and employ thousands of Western Australians, particularly in our coastal communities and regional cities.

“As well as their economic contribution, our fisheries are amongst the most sustainable in the world and provide all Western Australians with affordable access to quality local seafood.

“Like other primary industries we recognise that we must continue to be responsible and transparent to ensure a strong and secure future for our local seafood industry.

“This report provides a strong foundation as we continue conversations with the community and governments to ensure that our industry can continue to provide jobs and economic contributions to Western Australia for generations to come.”


 The FRDC research reports Western Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry 2017/18: Economic Contributions Summary which is located via following link: https://bit.ly/35bPRXl