South Coast Marine Park update

WAFIC has been on the road again over recent weeks, with Darryl and Graeme meeting with members and stakeholders across the Great Southern, with recent events in Esperance and Albany.

While there is a growing mood of consultation fatigue emerging, there is also a growing mood of discontent with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) as more information comes to light about the flawed nature of its consultation and the growing influence of its US-based eco-lobby partners, Pew Charitable Trust, which has once again sent out pro-forma letters to its membership to pressure government to support an expansive marine park along the South Coast.

The last time they did this, around 17,300 of the 17,500 public submissions received were all pro-forma letters from interstate and overseas, yet DBCA and the Minister promoted this as genuine consultation.

The Environment Minister continues to share a prepared statement to media that says the process will consider all feedback. However, inside information which is being shared with WAFIC suggests the outcomes have already been agreed with its US eco-partners.

DBCA has now prepared its draft maps, however we are still waiting on a final timeline for the public release of this information and the call for public comments. We’ll keep you informed as we learn more.

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