WAFIC’s Golden Jubilee: Let’s Celebrate our Great WA Seafood Industry

2018 marks five decades of the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC). For 50 years, the council has been the clear focal point in representing the interests of Western Australia’s collected seafood industry.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WAFIC, John Harrison, today thanked previous and current staff, Directors and Chairs for their role in contributing to the peak industry body.

“The WA Fishing Industry Council was created by industry for industry to unite Western Australia’s seafood sector by providing it with a clear voice.”

“I would like to acknowledge the many Chairs, Directors and staff, past and present, who have been committed to enabling the primary roles of WAFIC – from resource access, disseminating information and providing community education.”

Mr Harrison noted that although there have been many challenges along the way for industry, there have also been many successes.

“One of the most prominent wins was securing $14.5 million dollars for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) initiative for our fisheries.”

“That initiative has seen over nine fisheries go through a rigorous third-party certification to reach the highest standard of sustainability. We are proud to admit that our fisheries are recognised as some of the best, and most sustainable in the world,” he said.

Mr Harrison said that over the years WAFIC has had to change and evolve to remain a significant and active peak body for members and industry.

“We will continue to see that period of transformation for WAFIC – it’s inevitable that an organisation like ours adapts to cater to the changing needs of members,” he said.

Tonight, the organisation will celebrate this important milestone at the East Fremantle Yacht Club (EFYC) – which will transform into a magical setting for a seafood extravaganza feast based upon WAFIC’s next priority, the seafood and wine trail.

WA seafood dishes, created by renown seafood chef Don Hancey in collaboration with EFYC head chef David Yang, will fill the room and the 250 + guests including the Hon. Minister for Fisheries – Dave Kelly, Shadow Minister – the Hon. Ian Blaney, present WAFIC Chair – Katie Hodson-Thomas, Fisheries Research Development Corporation (FRDC) Chair – the Hon. Ron Boswell and former WAFIC Chair of 26 years – John Cole.

Mr Harrison said that tonight’s event is also a timely reminder of five decades of the Western Australian seafood industry. A primary industry that gives freedom, or access, to members of the public to purchase fresh, safe and sustainable fish from the waters of Western Australia.

“There is no better time to recognise our industry, than through a significant milestone like this.”

“WA’s seafood sector has been such an integral part of Western Australia’s culture and identity.”

“Areas across the state including Fremantle, Albany, Esperance, Dongara and Geraldton (just to name a few) are fishing communities – created by our forefathers of the seafood industry. They are full of this unique, rich history that needs to be preserved and celebrated.”

Concluding, Mr Harrison urged the Western Australian public to think of the seafood industry as a community.

“These men and women in the industry are dads, mums, brothers, uncles, aunties and friends.”

“They are integral to our society and community, playing a key role in the sustainability of our world class fisheries and ensuring continued access to some of the best seafood in the world.”

“Celebrating WAFIC’s golden jubilee is an important milestone that allows us to reflect upon how lucky we all are to have access to safe, world-class seafood caught by our hardworking fishing community.”

“We look forward to reminiscing about the achievements of the WA seafood sector with industry at tonight’s event – where WA seafood, and our industry, are the stars of the show.


Any media interested in attending the festivities this evening, please contact Danika via details below

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