Guide to local seafood


Find out more about lesser known Western Australian seafood from the most pristine oceans in the world.

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Aqua Pazza

Aqua Pazza (Crazy Water) is the Italian name of a simple, mouth-watering dish served with chunky tomatoes, parsley and oil served with fish.

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Squid Ink and Cuttlefish Risotto
Squid Ink & Cuttlefish Risotto

Originating from Croatia, this dish is much easier than it looks and is packed full of flavour. The glossy, black risotto is sure to be a winner.

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Prawn Bisque

The flavours of this French classic originate from the shells of the crustaceans which are roasted and then simmered to create a delicious soup base.

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3Pan-Fried Snapper

This snapper dish is packed full of flavour and the good news is, it is low in saturated fat and sodium.

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Herring & Sardines in VIneleaves on BBQ

This simple dish is perfect for a mid-week dinner and although there are minimum ingredients, it is packed-full of flavour.

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Other Information

Bad Prawn Poster v12Guide to Good Quality Australian Prawns

Read up on the retailer’s guide to good quality Australian prawns where you can find out how to identify a good quality of poor quality prawn.

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Enjoy your prawns safely

A handy guide how to prepare, thaw, store and enjoy your prawns safely.