The Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) is the peak industry body representing professional fishing, pearling and aquaculture enterprises as well as processors and exporters in Western Australia.

It was created by the industry more than 50 years ago to work in partnership with government and set directions for the management of WA’s commercial fisheries.

WAFIC works to secure a responsible and sustainable industry that is confident of resource sustainability and security of access to a fair share of the resource.

It is also working to provide cost-effective fisheries’ management so that businesses can be operated in a safe, environmentally responsible and profitable way; and to ensure that investment in industry research and development is valued and promoted.

WAFIC’s operational activities fall under four broad categories:

  1. Resource Access and Industry Sustainability
  2. Industry and Stakeholder Communications and Engagement
  3. Building Community Support
  4. Building Organisational Capacity