WAFIC is closely involved in planning processes for marine reserves in both State and Commonwealth waters.

The Federal Government has initiated a review of the zonings of a network of marine reserves around Australia.

The previous Federal Government had gazetted marine reserves around Australia but had not finalised management plans including zonings for the reserves prior to the Federal election which resulted in a change of Government.

WAFIC’s participation in the planning for the reserves was through our national body the National Seafood Industry Alliance. NSIA submissions can be found at their WEBSITE.

The incoming Federal Government initiated a review of the proposed zonings through the formation of independent panels. WAFIC facilitated industry engagement with the panels when they visited Perth earlier this year (2015). WAFIC’s submission to the Panels can be found HERE.

The Chairs of the review panels have advised that the panels are working through the various submissions and anticipate further targeted meetings with stakeholders to explore possible amendments. For more information please visit the COMMONWEALTH MARINE RESERVES REVIEW AND THE PANELS.

At a State level WAFIC is participating in planning for marine reserves in the Kimberley region. These reserves, or proposed reserves, include Camden Sound, Horizontal Falls, Roebuck Bay and the Northern Kimberley region.

Additionally, WAFIC is in the process of assisting affected licensees in the Ngari Capes Marine Park with compensation claims through the Fishing and Related Industries Compensation (Marine Reserves) Act 1999.