Seeking commercial fisher input

WAFIC works closely with the petroleum industry to ensure open and transparent consultation takes place with the WA commercial fishing sector. The petroleum industry’s offshore activities include seismic surveys, exploration, drilling, pipeline construction and oil and gas production. Many of these activities occur in the same place where fishing occurs.

As part of Commonwealth environmental approvals, operators are required to consult with relevant persons including fishing operators and fishing associations, whose functions, interests, or activities may be affected by proposed petroleum activities.

Given the scale of proposed activities, WAFIC is trialling a new consultation hub to manage stakeholder fatigue within the fishing industry from concurrent petroleum activities.

Upcoming activities – Bonaparte Basin Activities (Santos)

Santos is currently seeking feedback from commercial licence holders who may be affected by proposed activities in the Bonaparte Basin. The table below provides a summary of information on each proposed activity.

Santos has identified the following fisheries that may be affected by proposed activities:

  • Mackerel Managed Fishery – Area 1
  • Northern Demersal Scalefish Managed Fishery
Environmental Plan
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Activity Summary
Eos 3 Marine Seismic Survey Environment Plan

Eos Marine Seismic Survey Environment Plan – Fishers Fact Sheet
Santos is seeking to acquire subsurface data via a 3D Marine Seismic Survey (MSS) in Commonwealth waters of the southern Bonaparte Basin, commencing at the earliest from mid-2024 until end of 2026. The Operational Area is approximately 107 km from the nearest coastline, and approximately 119 km from Wadeye in the Northern Territory. The purpose is to identify, and image detailed subsea geological formations for the potential injection and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2). 
Tern-2 Plug and Abandonment Environment PlanSantos is planning to undertake subsea decommissioning activities within the WA-27-R permit in Commonwealth waters within the Bonaparte Basin, commencing mid-2024. The Operational Area for these activities is approximately 106 km from the nearest coastline, and approximately 181 km from Wadeye in the Northern Territory. 

If you wish to provide feedback on any, or all of the proposed activities, please contact Tessa Ramshaw by email at [email protected] by 27 November 2023.