Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous occupations in Australia. Conditions can change from ideal to disasterous in an instant, with an average of 25 fatalities a year.

In response to these dangers, the SeSafe project was created.

What is the SeSafe Project?

The SeSafe project commenced in 2018 funded by the FRDC and the Australian fishing and aquaculture industry. The goal of this initiative is to raise awareness and improve safety performance in the fishing and aquaculture industry Australia wide.

This project aims to complement other current fishing industry safety projects such as the Clean and Green Southern Rock Lobster program, and in some instances may seamlessly integrate with these projects. This helps provide a holistic approach to safety management, training, and compliance, particularly when combined with at-sea training and other requirements as part of a broader SMS, and helps ensure that barriers to adoption, training, and change are not duplicated, overlooked, or ignored.

See the below video and visit the SeSafe website for further information.

SeSafe – What if you don’t come home? from Millstream Productions on Vimeo.