The Australian Fish Names List was created in consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, including the professional and recreational fishing sectors and government, in order to meet both the seafood industry and consumers expectations for safe food, fair-trading and truth in labelling.

The fact that one species could be called different names in different regions of Australia has caused much confusion over the years and has made enforcing truth in labelling a difficult task.

A classic example is the confusion that used to be caused over Dhufish, which is a Western Australian favourite, and Mulloway, which was known in the Eastern States as jewfish. In the new standard you will find reference only to Western Australian Dhufish and Mulloway, all other names will be listed under obsolete names.

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Below is a list of popular species which have had a name change.

Standard Name

Obselete Name

West Australian Dhufish Dhufish/Jewfish
Pearl Perch Northern Dhufish
Blue Swimmer Crab Blue Manna Crab
Western Rocklobster Crayfish
Snapper Pink Snapper *
King Threadfin Threadfin Salmon *
Goldband Snapper King Snapper
Saddletail Snapper Scarlet Sea Perch
Spangled Emperor Nor-west Snapper
 Moses Snapper  Moses Perch
 Bluespotted Emperor  Nor-west Snapper
Theadfin Bream  Butterfish
 Tropical Snapper  Seaperch
 Crimson Snapper Crimson Seaperch
 Stripey Snapper  Spanish Flag
 Painted Sweetlip  Sweetlip *
 Bight Redfish  Nannygai/Red Snapper*
 Bar Cod  Grey-banded Cod*
 Silver Trevally  Skip Jack*
 Blue Morwong  Queen Snapper*

*Represents species referred to by obsolete name in some Department of Fisheries publications.