As discussed at last year’s Open Industry Forum – a priority for the 2017/18 year was for WAFIC to transform to reflect new requirements and outcomes for the industry. The Board has worked to develop a new strategic direction statement, which includes an updated vision and mission. This statement, endorsed at the August 2018 Board meeting, will provide the guiding principles for the development of operational plans and staff responsibilities.


“A successful, sustainable, rights-based commercial fishing industry buoyed with community support”


“WAFIC is the recognised peak body to protect, promote and support development of the commercial fishing industry”

MISSION Objectives

WAFIC seeks to achieve its Mission’s objectives in an atmosphere of cooperation, to ensure the value, security and sustainability of commercial fishing, pearling and aquaculture in Western Australia.

WAFIC provides leadership and enhances industry’s credibility through a strong commitment to:

  • Ethical and responsible conduct;
  • Environmental sensitivity and responsibility for sustainable fisheries and other marine resource management;
  • A factual and open approach to issues;
  • An appropriate sharing of risks and rewards by all stakeholders;
  • Self-regulation; and
  • Technical and operational excellence.

WAFIC’s Strategic Direction Statement 2018-2021

Please click here to view the WAFIC Strategic Direction Statement 2018-2021 endorsed at the 20 August 2018 Board meeting.