Make Easter Extra Special with Mandurah Mullet

Feeling like trying out something new this Easter? Locally sourced WA Mullet is a fantastic alternative that can create delicious flavours that the whole family can enjoy – such as this fisherman’s classic Crazy Water Peel Mullet with Bee Lane Cold Smoked Tomato recipe.

So called “crazy water” as a reminder of peasants’ homemade wine, this hearty dish is simple to make, and takes less than 20 minutes to be on your plate and ready to eat!

The best part about this recipe is that is utilises all that WA has to offer, from fresh, local seafood (mullet and mussels), to other Western Australian produce such as gourmet cold-smoked tomatoes featuring Australian lemon myrtle as well as local winery produce from Peel Estate.

This recipe is proudly brought to you by WA Seafood Ambassador Don Hancey.