Albany sand crabs are a sell out

Demand for Albany’s delicious sand crabs has skyrocketed with early orders outstripping supply, as WA seafood lovers start buying up these ‘newly discovered’ crabs.

The lesser-known crab species is in plentiful supply along the southern coast but has been previously overlooked in favour of its more famous Blue Swimmer cousins.

WAFIC chief executive officer, Darryl Hockey, said the Albany sand crab presented a great opportunity to introduce a new crab species to Australian palates.

“WAFIC is working closely with its industry partners to encourage more WA seafood products onto Western Australian menus and the sand crabs are a great example of how this can work.

“These crabs have been nipping swimmers’ toes off the Albany surf breaks for years yet it’s only now that they are being recognized for their gourmet appeal. Sales are up and we will continue to work with the fisher to establish a reliable and sustainable supply chain,” Darryl said.

Clancy’s Fish Bar executive chef, Ashley Ryan, said the sand crabs were ideal as they are plate-sized and loaded with meat. Because of the cold salty water along the southern coast, the flesh is also quite tender and sweet.

“Our launch event sold out a week early, which shows us there is huge consumer demand for new seafood species and experiences.

“Clancy’s is at the forefront of new dining experience and is already working with WAFIC to help West Australians discover the next delicious seafood surprise over coming months,” he said.

The sand crabs will feature regularly as part of Clancy’s menu on special nights for two months to allow the team to monitor long-term demand.

Chaceon, the WA seafood processor which manages the sand crabs said domestic demand had grown since the Clancy’s promotion, but interstate demand was also on the rise as diners discovered the newly discovered crabs.