CCIWA opening the door to India seafood partnerships

CCIWA has been allocated a Federal Government grant to foster collaboration between WA’s and India’s commercial fishing and aquaculture sectors.

The Australia-India Council (AIC) grant saw $838,689 granted to 11 projects, including CCIWA’s plan to help facilitate potential business-to-business engagement with India’s commercial fishing industry.

CCIWA’s International Trade and Investment Centre (ITIC) secured the grant and will work with State Government and industry bodies in the various wild-caught bioregions and aquaculture development zones in WA.

ITIC Manager Mike Carter said WA has a world-class reputation in sustainable commercial fishing and aquaculture and similarly to METS (Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services), has trade and investment potential.

“The same potential is with WA’s seafood sector to develop offshore partnerships to promote and commercialise collaboration opportunities in seafood equipment and technology, training & skills and other services,” he said.

“This project is about collaboration on both sides of the Indian ocean, between WA and India, addressing India’s protein and food security concerns to explore, adapt and adopt approaches to building efficiencies in harvest and post-harvest practices in commercial wild-caught fishing and aquaculture.”

Carter added that commercial opportunities for WA’s seafood and aquaculture industry producers could arise from the project, including bilateral trade and investment.

“We have an opportunity to work with the Indian commercial fishing sector, and in doing so provide mutual trade and investment opportunities for WA and India.”

ITIC will collaborate with the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council, Southern Seafood Producers of WA, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science, and Innovation, and Austrade India as the project is implemented over the next 10 months.

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