Guy Leyland celebrated for lifetime achievement towards sustainable fisheries

Hot on the heels of his departure from WAFIC after nearly four decades, Guy Leyland’s extensive body of work has been recognised with MSC presenting him a Lifetime Achievement Award for his commitment to sustainable fisheries in the MSC’s 2022 Sustainable Seafood Awards.

Guy headed a long list of high achievers to take the highly acclaimed Lifetime Achievement Award.

Guy joined WAFIC in 1986 as its first professional employee and worked there until his retirement earlier this year. Throughout his time at WAFIC, Guy has left his fingerprints on most of the State’s fisheries, mostly particularly the lobster sector and the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Guy was a foundational supporter of MSC certification more than 20 years ago and has led WA’s MSC project over the last decade. Under Guy’s leadership, MSC is now established as the gold standard for sustainability in Western Australia, with 11 fisheries now accredited to the standard. More than 90 per cent of Western Australian fisheries by value are now MSC certified.

Congratulations on this incredible achievement.

MSC’s Matt Watson was on hand to celebrate Guy Leyland’s lifetime achievement status.