We need your feedback on the two draft ARMA-based policy documents

As the new fisheries legislation, Aquatic Resources Management Act 2016 (ARMA) takes a further step closer to implementation, the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) is seeking input from commercial fishing licence holders on two new draft policies.

The new draft policies are  Objective Setting and Allocations for Aquatic Resources Under ARMA; and ARMA-Based Harvest Strategy Policy

Once brought into effect, the new policies will replace the existing Integrated Fisheries Management policy and Harvest Strategy policy,  so comments from frontline operators are critical to ensuring effective development of policy and how aquatic resources will be managed and shared amongst users (e.g. recreational, commercial, charter etc) in the future, under ARMA.

Your comments are needed before close of business on 31 October 2022.

There are two ways you can get involved.

  1. DIRECT ENGAGEMENT – You can provide your feedback directly to DPIRD by writing to Joanne Kennedy at [email protected]. We ask that, if possible, you ‘cc’ WAFIC staff member, Laura Orme at [email protected] in your email submission, so WAFIC is aware of the feedback provided to DPIRD. Please note, we completely respect your decision if you are not comfortable doing this or prefer to keep your comments confidential.
  2. INDUSTRY WORKING GROUP – You can join WAFIC’s ARMA Industry Working Group to provide a collective voice on the policies. The working group’s advice will be used to inform WAFIC’s representations and written submission back to government.

All members of WAFIC’s Resource Access Advisory Committee are automatically members of the ARMA Industry Working Group, however we are also calling for expressions of interest from commercial fishers and/or licence holders to join as we would like the working group to be as diverse and inclusive as possible (within reason) to ensure a range of industry views are considered.

The Working Group is open to any commercial fishing industry representative in WA, including a commercial fisher and/or licence holder, who are able to contribute information and advice from their commercial fishing network(s).

Working group members must be willing to provide input into the development of WAFIC’s feedback to DPIRD, including providing comments/edits to WAFIC’s written submission.

Members will need to attend approximately two or three working group meetings, with the first meeting scheduled for Thursday, 13 October 2022.

Attendance can be in person, or online via Teams.

If you are interested and would like to apply to the ARMA industry working group, please email Laura Orme at WAFIC – [email protected], supplying the following information by close of business Monday 10 October 2022.

  • Your name and contact details; and
  • Your relation to the commercial fishing industry in WA (e.g. Commercial operator or licence holder in a certain fishery or processor); and
  • Your anticipated attendance type (e.g. online via Teams or in person at WAFIC).

 If you have any questions about ARMA or the two draft policies out for consultation, please email Joanne Kennedy at DPIRD – [email protected], and feel free to cc Laura in this correspondence.

It is important that the commercial fishing industry has a voice in these changes, so your participation is important.