New marine rescue vessel for Broome pays homage to local history

A new marine rescue vessel has been officially commissioned in Broome, providing volunteers with the latest search and rescue technology to protect the coastal community.

The vessel, a 10-metre Naiad officially named Redbill III, features high-tech marine electronics, such as infrared camera technology and a radio-direction finder for locating emergency position indicating radio beacons (EPIRBs).

It also has an open cabin and a tri-axle trailer that allow for beach launching. The design was suggested by volunteers from Marine Rescue Broome to ensure the vessel was suited to the region.

The name Redbill III pays homage to the local history of Broome. Redbill was an old pearling lugger built in Fremantle in 1903 which was lost during Tropical Cyclone Rosita in 2000.

This is now the second vessel in Marine Rescue Broome’s fleet, sailing alongside a 7.6m vessel named Ibis.

More than $700,000 from the Emergency Services Levy (ESL) funding was invested in the construction and delivery of Redbill III.

New marine rescue vessel is a valued addition to Broome’s maritime safety teams