New product to assist person overboard recovery

A new product has been brought to WAFIC’s attention, which we thought was very clever and simplifies the often challenging task of retrieving a person overboard.

Many in the industry struggle with retrieval equipment for a person overboard, especially if the person is unconscious, injured, or cannot climb a ladder.

This ‘two-in-one’ multi-function SOS Recovery/Rescue Ladder uses rungs as a ladder, or you can use the entire shape as an aid to horizontally lift the person.

A high visibility, neon yellow, compact mesh bag is an integral part of the ladder and unfolds instantly. The bag only weighs four kilograms and when folded is only 500mm by 300mm in size, with four deck attaching points and six mounting steps with a deployed length of 2.25 metres.

For those crews that like to be prepared beforehand, the recovery ladder device can be enclosed in its own 2.75 metre-long ‘SOCK’, so it’s ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

Once the ladder is secured to the boat, it is then concertina folded into the sock leaving the release rope protruding downwards. The ladder can then be extended by pulling down on the release rope whilst at sea level.

You can find out more here.