How To Rate Your Safety Management System

With enhanced penalties and greater need for compliance with safety management, its critical that businesses undertake an assessment of their own processes and system.

The good news is that there are templates and assessment tools online.

The ‘WorkSafe Plan’ is an audit and assessment process that can be used to rate safety and health management systems and directs attention to areas that could be improved.

The Plan can be used for auditing to provide information and ratings on the extent to which an organisation has implemented a systematic approach to the management of safety and health and the extent to which an organisation is complying with some of the legislative requirements.

Anybody may use the WorkSafe Plan to assess a safety and health system, or see how one operates. However, if you require a formal assessment of your occupational safety and health system a competent person should undertake the assessment. This is a person who has undertaken training in the audit of safety and health management systems.

If you would like formal recognition of your occupational safety and health system, WorkSafe Plan ‘Certificates of Achievement’ may be awarded by WorkSafe to organisations providing assessments are undertaken by an independent assessor (see list below).

The WorkSafe Plan is suitable for organisations of all sizes and can be used to:

  • provide information on desirable safety and health management practices;
  • identify strengths and weaknesses in safety and health management systems;
  • provide a measure for safety and health performance;
  • implement a cycle of continuous improvement;
  • compare performance with organisations in the same industry; and
  • gain recognition for standards achieved in management of the organisation’s safety and health systems.

You’ll find a WorkSafe Plan here.

You’ll find a list of Workplace Plan Assessors here.