Save money and lives with new Life Cell offer

Life Cell is a great example of a product you don’t know you need, until you do.

The product was imagined when a fishing boat quickly sank off Sydney in 2012 and the crew were left clinging to anything that floated.

From this experience, they designed and developed a simple solution to keep all your important lifesaving equipment in one floatable location.

Not only is the AMSA-approved Life Cell a small flotation device, it also has a capacity to hold your essential safety gear, including EPIRB, flares, V-sheet, whistle, air horn, torch, heliograph and VHF radio. (Not included).

Once attached in a float-free location, Life Cell can be quickly retrieved in the water and used to save lives.

Life Cell comes in four sizes to suit different vessel sizes, from trailer boats to larger commercial vessels.


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Life Cell is mounted out of the way using a float free mount. It can be loaded with your safety equipment, including EPIRB, and doubles as a floatation device.

Despite its small size, Life Cell can carry a lot of safety equipment.