SIA awarded funding grant to open employment, training and career pathways

A $385,000 AgUp Grants funding grant will provide a four-year program to upskill industry workforces through mentoring and development, including accredited education and training.

AgUP aims to support jobs and helps retain workers by building skills and establishing and improving career progression and mentoring opportunities.

The funds are being directed through Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) to help the commercial seafood industry set up a national online hub linking its workforce to employment, training and career pathways to retain workers and attract newcomers.

SIA Chief Executive Veronica Papacosta said the program is the first of its kind in the industry and a much-needed resource for future success as exports recover and new markets open.

“The AgUp grant will allow development of a national platform to act as a one-stop-shop for workers in all sectors of the seafood industry. The platform will have a direct connection to training, mentorship, capacity building, job opportunities, and to promote workforce retention.

“It will also compile and promote a calendar of seasonal work opportunities around the country, to support the transition of experienced and skilled seasonal workers between seasonal work contracts in the industry,” she said.

At its core, the project will build awareness of the career opportunities and career pathways available to people working in or considering a future in commercial seafood production.

You can find more information here.