Snag It, Tag It – Early ‘Danger Warning’ System for Cray Deckhands

Recfishwest and the Western Rock Lobster Council are continuing the ‘Snag It, Tag It’ safety initiative to ensure tags are used to alert cray boat deckhands that recreational fishing gear is snagged on rock lobster pots, floats and lines.

Snag It, Tag It’ danger tags are available at many locations, including tackle shops across the State. Locations are listed here.

Deckhands on cray fishing boats off WA’s coast have been injured after being struck by fishing gear, usually lead sinkers, snagged on lobster pot lines, as pots are hauled to the surface on a high-speed winch.

Snag It, Tag It is an important safety initiative aimed to mitigate this safety risk by asking recfishers to tie the waterproof danger tags to ropes and floats if they accidently snag their fishing gear.

This means commercial vessel deckhands will have ‘early warning sign’ when pulling pots.