Is your vessel survey up to date?

In early 2022, AMSA’s records indicated there were 1,405 overdue periodic surveys. It is a condition of the certificate of survey that periodic surveys are completed within a set timeframe.

AMSA aims to increase compliance in this area.

Key to this activity will be reaching out to stakeholders directly to advise of AMSA’s record of their vessel’s survey status and ascertaining the reason for any lapse.

AMSA appreciates that in some cases certificate holders may not have informed AMSA if a vessel is sold, scrapped, sunk or if their address has changed, or they have not provided evidence of a completed periodic survey. Hence the actual level of non-compliance is indeterminate.

AMSA will engage with stakeholders directly and notify them of alleged overdue surveys, record the outcomes and update its records accordingly. The need for education and follow up activity will be guided by the response of the stakeholders.

The focus of this campaign is to communicate the importance of survey from both a risk to the safety of the vessel, and compliance perspective.