WAFIC ready to extend commercial fishing advocacy campaign

Positive feedback from industry following the WA Fishing Industry Council’s recent advocacy campaign, has encouraged WAFIC to develop a range of merchandise including posters, t-shirts, caps and stickers to help the industry share our messages.

The launch merchandise highlights a rallying call to ‘Support Commercial Fishing’ and shares messages about jobs, environment, sustainability and reminds people that we are fishing for everybody – including the restaurants and outlets that supply your fish and chips.

The campaign ran in January and February across metropolitan radio and newspapers and radio stations in four key regional centres.

WAFIC chief executive, Darryl Hockey said feedback from the campaign confirmed there is a lot of support from communities for food security and ensuring WA locals will continue to have access to their favourite seafoods, including lobster, snapper, emperor and dhufish.

“Our campaign really touched a nerve and showed how WA’s fishing industry helps sustain our coastal communities and the importance of having local supply.

“The fact is commercial fishers are fishing for everybody and are the only way around 95 percent of the WA’s population is able to reliably access sustainable local seafood. Even recreational fishers buy commercial seafood. Without commercial fishing, you won’t have local fish and chips, back of boat sales, fresh bait or a tasty bronzie burger.

“It’s a no-brainer that locals love their WA seafood and this campaign is a simple way to remind them how their sustainable local seafood gets from the ocean onto their plate,” Darryl said.

The new materials are in the final stages of development and are expected to be available to order online next month. We’ll keep you updated when they are available.