2018 Biosecurity Presentation by Dr Ben Diggles

Dr Ben Diggles, an independent private scientist (marine biologist), has been leading the work regarding the recent White Spot Disease outbreak in Queensland. Join him as he presents outcomes of the White Spot Disease project and provides other jurisdictions with what the Queensland Seafood Industry Association have learned.

Details of presentation are as follows:

  • 21st March 2018, 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM, Meeting Room 1, DPIRD, 39 Northside Drive, Hillarys WA 6025

The session, lasting up to 1.5 hours (and 1 hour for questions) structured as follows:

  • Overall approach adopted;
  • The biosecurity issue facing SE Queensland;
  • The process and issues faced developing the tool kit and plans;
  • A biosecurity presentation; and
  • Audience: industry reps and commercial fishers

To ensure we have the most appropriate sized room please RSVP to Kat Venticinque at [email protected] by Thursday 15th March 2018.

Dr Ben Diggles Profile 

Dr Ben Diggles, from Banksia Beach, established DigsFish Services in November 2003 to provide specialist aquatic animal health services to industry and Government. Dr Diggles has worked with many clients in government, aquaculture, recreational fisheries, and commercial fisheries throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

His core business areas include import risk analysis, biosecurity, fish and shellfish health, fish welfare, and development of feeding attractants and medicated feed for aquacultured finfish. In his spare time Dr Diggles studies the effects of declining water quality on our estuaries, and is active in his local community developing solutions to these problems.

Recent recognition of these activities has included winning the Moreton Bay Regional Council Australia Day Environment Award for 2017 for implementing Australia’s first ‘oyster gardening’ project on Bribie Island – a project aimed at encouraging local canal owners to grow oysters and held re-establish the oyster reefs in Pumicestone Passage.

Dr Diggle’s also contributes information services for Fish Facts Sports fishing magazine and Fishing World Magazine on fish identification and biological information for fishes in the Australia and Indo-Pacific regions.