Action Behind 2019 Mandurah Crab Fest

Wow… if we were given a dollar for the amount of times we heard ‘WHYYY would I try that… mullet is a bait fish’ – over the two-day festival, we’d probably be millionaires! But that was the whole point of this year’s joint #waseafood/ Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) stall at the 2019 Mandurah Crab Fest – EDUCATION about WA’s sustainable seafood industry, lesser known species and our fishing families.

On offer to the hungry crowds this year was smoked Peel mullet (infused with fennel and lemon myrtle) samples created by renown WA food chef Don Hancey and Mendolia Seafoods marinated sardines. Although staff endured looks of dire shock when community members were offered a sardine or mullet tester (think a few people broke out into a sweat), it was the sheer appreciation after the taste that made it all worth it.

Highlights included two 90-year old’s who LOVED sardines and publicly announced this love (making our job easy), a young boy who had never tried a sardine before but could not stop raving about them after the taste test, Rick Ardon (channel 7 news anchor) kissing a Mandurah mullet with Don Hancey on the main cooking stage and My Kitchen Rules contestants dropping into the stall to learn more about #waseafood.

There were questions, comments (a few debates here and there), thankyous for the chance to learn about WA’s great primary industry and people wanting to know where they can BUY local seafood.

We would like to acknowledge Rikki Hillman, a generational, Exmouth beach seine commercial fisher and Damien Bell, a Peel-Harvey commercial fisher who assisted with the promotion of WA’s commercial fishing industry over the weekend. It’s this passion and enthusiasm from industry members which makes these events worthwhile.

Concluding, that is what festivals like this are all about – an opportunity for the community to ‘get to know their local fisher’ and walk away with ‘the actual facts’ about WA’s well-managed commercial fishing industry.

As we told many people over the two-day festival – if you want safe, fresh and sustainably caught local seafood – you need to support your local industry. Jump on board and support #waseafood today.


Behind the Scenes

We love WA seafood! Great to have Rikki Hillman, Exmouth Beach Seine Fisher on the #waseafood stall meeting the community. Featured renown WA Seafood chef Don Hancey.

These two have enjoyed sardines their whole life, crediting the species to good health. They are both over 90 years old and were having a jolly good time at this year’s Mandurah Crab Fest.

Thanks to Rick Ardon, Channel 7 anchor and WA seafood ambassador, Don Hancey, for supporting our fishers by promoting WA seafood including sustainable, and MSC certified Mandurah Mullet 🐙🐠🐟

‘#WA mullet is in fashion’, says chef Don Hancey.

John Krasenstein from this season of My Kitchen Rules dropped into say g’day and try a mullet sample.

WAFIC team in action: Georgia and Dani

This family never though sardines and mullet would taste that good!

Peter Rogers and his wife dropped into the joint WAFIC/MSC stall to give support on the day.

At first apprehensive to try, this young crew, didn’t think for a moment that #wasardines would taste so AMAZZINGG!

‘And mullet is not only a bait fish…’ says Dani from WAFIC.

MSC certified Mandurah Mullet from the Peel Harvey fishery.

WAFIC ICU crew Basia and Angus promoting WA’s sustainable fisheries, and generational fishing families.

On offer to the hungry crowds, MSC certified Peel Mullet with fennel and lemon myrtle.

Minister for Fisheries Dave Kelly, speaking with MSC’s Matt Watson about WA’s sustainable fisheries.

Damien Bell giving the all clear to Don Hancey’s smoked Mandurah mullet. Thanks Damo for stopping by.

More ‘ I love WA Seafood ‘ fans!

These lads all said mullet is bait – until they tried a sample!

Simple recipes on show , proving that cooking with #waseafood doesn’t have to be difficult

This mum and daughter enjoying #waseafood