Batter Up: National Fish and Chip Competition Begins Tomorrow

With the beginning of the highly contested national fish and chip competition starting tomorrow, it begs the question ‘how do you do fish and chips? Covered in salt and vinegar? Wrapped up in newspaper? Sitting on the couch or at the beach with the family?


WAFIC Chair Katie Hodson-Thomas says that for many Australian families, fish and chips are the quintessential go-to meal that can be enjoyed by all ages.

“We all have a favourite way of eating the humble fish and chips. Whether it is at the beach, park or at home on the couch, drenched in salt and vinegar or covered in tartar sauce or a personal favourite – with a touch of lemon.”

“And nothing says Australia like eating fish and chips – it is part of our culture and identity.”

“For some people, fish and chip shops become a public forum, a community centre where they can catch up with family and friends.”

“Take rural and regional Australia – in almost every small town, there is a fish and chip shop run by a local ensuring the community has access to an Australian favourite.”

The national fish and chip competition, coordinated by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC), ran for the first time last year. It was calculated that there were over 95,000 votes received and 800 shops participated.

“Judges had to travel over 22,000 kilometres to visit state and territory finalists. If they are looking for another judge, I would not say no”, she laughed.

Judges travelled over 22,000 km to try national finalists.

“Last year Albany fish and chip shop Ocean and Paddock came first in Western Australia for the two awards ‘people’s choice’ and the ‘judged fish and chips’ – and second nationally. For the young family, achieving those wins meant an increase in awareness, new customers and sales.”

For the young family, achieving those wins meant an increase in awareness, new customers and sales.

CEO of WAFIC John Harrison recently with owner Trenton Brennan.

Katie said the fish and chip competition commenced with the intention of promoting the sustainability of Australia’s fishing industry.

“The competition highlights the importance of the seafood industry to not only our economy but the fact that we are home to a world renowned fishing industry.”

“It is a friendly reminder for consumers to support our local fishing industry and recognise the role of our fishers who allow us to enjoy a selection of quality, sustainable and fresh seafood.”

“The team behind the Western Australian Fishing Industry Council (WAFIC) strongly encourage fish and chip lovers to enjoy the competition and get involved by voting for your favourite fish and chip shop.”

WAFIC staff encourage you to get behind your favourite fish and chip shop.

“There is a lot of selection -with over 200 West Aussie fish and chip shops registered this year – so if you want your local to win you need to vote.”

More than 100,000 votes are expected this year. To have your say head to

Fast Facts
  • Voting begins 1st of August and ends 15th September 2018
  • Winners will be announced 15th October 2018
  • The awards are broken down into two categories
    • Judged (National, state and territory) – Small number (4-5) entries from top of People’s Choice category and top-rated submission (s)) will be selected for judging by a mystery panel. Judges will use a consistent set of criteria and process across Australia. Judges will tally results and select state, territory and a national winner.
    • People’s choice (state and territory) – chosen by consumers who can vote for their favourite at
  • The national winner will be selected from the winners at the state and territory level
  • X2 national judges have been appointed. Judging will be completed by 30th September 2018