Commencement of Prawn and Prawn Product Import Review

Following the December 2016 outbreak of white spot syndrome virus in Queensland the Western Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources commenced a comprehensive review of prawn and prawn product import conditions.

This was aimed at enhancing import conditions to allow for safe trade in prawns and prawn products from all countries that are intended for human consumption.

The review will consider all biosecurity risks associated with prawns and prawn products, not just those associated with white spot syndrome virus.

Stakeholders, including members of the prawning industry, are invited to provide submissions on specific issues with the current policy as well as the Final generic import risk analysis report for prawns and prawn products 2009 (Prawn IRA). This will assist in the preparation of the draft report and risk analysis.

The analysis considers the risks of pests and diseases associated with the proposed import along with any sanitary and phytosanitary measures that could address these risks.

All submissions should be received by 4th June 2018. More information can be found on the department’s website –