Country Duo Take on Big City Fryers

For this country dynamic duo, an opportunity to turn a run-down fish and chip shop into an exciting, gourmet concept for locals and, even four-legged furry friends, was too good to turn down.

Today the young, enthusiastic couple run a successful, gourmet fish and chip business, Tankk, in the southern Perth suburb of Winthrop. Branded as “not just your average fish and chip shop” –  it is easy to see why. From their charity work to mouth-watering Mexican fish tacos, Tankk is a fish and chip shop full of delicious surprises – and a favourite amongst the community and tourists alike.

There is even parking for dogs!

It was 4 years ago when Paul and Anna decided to pursue the run-down fish and chip shop up for sale, changing the business module to give customers the opportunity to purchase from local or important species from a refreshing, exciting and continuous rotating menu.

“Both Anna and I agreed to purchase and revamp the previous fish and chip shop. We both love local, fresh seafood and believed we could transform the existing business concept to put WA seafood on show,” said owner Paul.

“My parents are farmers and as we both are from the country, we are well versed in the ‘Paddock to Plate’ concept or in this case ‘Ocean to Plate’.”

“We love our country heritage, are proud of the produce from Western Australia, some of the best in the world, and wanted to ensure that our customers receive not only our passion but WA’s clean, green seafood,” he said.

Paul and Anna, the young dynamic duo from Tankk,

Paul said that a priority for the business is to ensure that their young staff are trained in knowing the different WA species on offer – so the customer can walk away confident in their decision.

“All of our staff are trained by Anna and myself for more than 40 hours before they put through any orders.”

“We put a lot of effort into training such as ensuring that staff get to taste the different species – so they can inform our customers.”

“We have a great product – and a great product is only as good as the staff. Lucky for us not only the product – but the staff are great”, he laughed.

Tankk is promoted as gourmet, selling 7 species of fish – 6 which are of local origin. Paul said that contributing to their success, is their honesty to customers – which they pride their business on.

“We ensure that we label our menu where all the fish comes from – whether it is of local origin or imported.  We sell Gold Band Snapper, Red Emperor (we are one of the only few shops in WA that does sell it), Barramundi, Saddle Tail Snapper, Gummy Shark, Spanish Mackerel and imported species such as Hake.”

The famous Mexican Fish Taco – a popular item on the Tankk menu.

“The objective of the business and how we train our staff is to be upfront and honest with the customer. We give the customer the opportunity to purchase the species they want – and what suits their budget.”

Before Tankk staff commence, they sit through 40 hours of training.

“It is a fairly young business, but customers seem to keep coming back – we must be doing something right!”

The dynamic duo enjoys being able to be creative by changing the menu every 6 months – always adding or taking away products but constantly improving. Both agreeing to continue to give customers unique choices.

“Favourite’s on our menu include the Mexican taco, stuffed WA prawns and squid rings. We have also included 7 different ways we can cook their fish.”

“We decided to ensure our customers continue to have new options as it keeps it exciting!”

The couple pride the shop on community engagement and give back to the community each month through a charitable project called ‘sauce-for-a-cause’.

Their sauce-for-a-cause campaign sees them assisting the community around Western Australia.

“All profits from sauce sales go back into the community. Last month we raised $414.65 towards the Fremantle CBC All Abilities Football Team.”

Concluding, Paul said the local business is family friendly (even includes classic Board games and slushies) but attracts people of all ages.

Classic board games – people of all ages love these!

“We are lucky enough to have customers of all ages and demographics – from families, to young couples and even tourists.”

“Our customers are embracing local seafood – yes, local fish costs more, but it is the quality and freshness that people want.”

“We do have some of the best fish in the world – simple as that – so come on down to Tankks and enjoy first-hand quality of our local seafood.”

For more information about Tankk Gourmet Fish and Chips head to and find out about this popular eatery for yourself!