Dads Advice: Key ingredient to family owned Bayside Fish and Chips

Cara O'connor - Bayside Owner says the secret to the best fish and chips is to use fresh local & sustainable seafood.

Cara O’Connor remembers the advice she received from her father.

“The day we told dad about our new business adventure he took me aside and said you can’t just sell good fish and chips, they must be the best”, she said reminiscing.

Since that moment the husband and wife team at Bayside Fish and Chips have stuck by this legacy of consistently delivering top notch fish and chips to their growing fan base.

Mrs O’Connor said for 14 years the young family had been visiting their local fish and chip shop when the opportunity to buy arose.

“My husband Brendan who is a qualified chef by trade, left the restaurant scene to pursue a career in mining.

“This left him working away on a 4X1 roster, while I stayed home with our young family.

“It was in mid-2015 an opportunity presented itself to purchase the local fish and chip shop – and we couldn’t say no.

“It was our chance to have our own business, for Brendan to return home, and to work together as a family”, she said.

Situated within the boundaries of Safety Bay and Shoalwater Coastline, Mrs O’Connor notes the love and effort put into making the eatery the successful fish and chip shop it is today.

“She was a tired and run down little shop, that needed lots of love – and that’s what we gave her.

“We closed the doors for a month, completely gutted her, and started from scratch. We even gave her a new name – Bayside Fish and Chips”, she said.

Today Bayside Fish and Chips is a popular eatery, reeling in customers with their generous sizes and delicious food. And they must be ticking all the right boxes as Fish connoisseurs around WA voted Bayside number 2 in the recent national fish and chip competition.

“To be currently second place in WA is a massive achievement for our little shop in Safety Bay. Our little community (or village as I like to call it) have really got behind us”, she said.

When quizzed about the winning secret to top fish and chips Mrs O’Connor said that it came down to using WA produce.

“At Bayside, we use fresh local, sustainable seafood. It is important to Brendan and I that our customers receive the best local fish they would get at any restaurant – at take away prices”, she said.

The People’s Choice Award is still open until the 28 of July. Go to to cast your vote.  The top fish and chip shop will be announced at the 2017 State Seafood Awards on the 3rd of August at the Esplanade Hotel. 

Owner Brendan O'Connor (husband) with daughter Aaliyah

Owner Brendan O’Connor (husband) with daughter Aaliyah