Fish and Chip Gelato – A World First from WA

Fish and chip ice-cream actually exists – indefinitely – and is a proud West Aussie invention…

A world- first for WA. Would you be game enough to try this controversial flavour?

According to regarded Western Australian foodie reporter Rob Broadfield, the Kailis Gelato was our ‘nation’s first fish and chip ice cream,’ (The West Australian, 2011).

Fremantle fish and chip magnate George Kailis, in combination with local ice cream chain, il Gelato, took the Aussie favourite and turned it into an ice cream flavour.

According to Broadfield, Mr Kailis was inspired by Heston Blumenthal’s (chef turned mad-scientist), internationally famous bacon and egg ice-cream. Bluementhal’s wild-imagination ensures that the ice-cream that looks like scrambled eggs – is silky smooth and has that subtle taste of bacon.

Two Italian flavour scientists from Italy’s Bigatton company (makers of the majority of the world’s gelato pastes and flavourings) were brought over to taste Kailis’ fish and chips before going back to Italy for 5 months to create the taste sensation.

According to staff members at Kailis, it does contain a small amount of fish oil, but it is a favourite amongst many visitors to the café – tourists and locals alike. An added bonus are the little flaked orange bits on top are actual fish batter.

The more you read the reviews, the more you release how divided people are about this creation.  Nat from Nova 93.7 admitted via Twitter that it tastes “more like old school Chinese restaurant fried ice cream”. Broadfield states, “it has a subtle tang of salt which pokes through an otherwise conventional ice-cream base with just the slightest hint of … chips? Potato? Hard to say really.” Whilst, on the website, a blogger commented, “you are a find, but I have a feeling in Fremantle you will stay.”

But don’t just go by the opinions of others, we truly recommend that you give this controversial flavour a go. Whether you firmly believe it is truly disgusting, or something SO good it could be made up – should be judged by very own taste buds…