Gascoyne Primary Producers – Ready to Launch

After 10 months of collaboration, a new peak body that will promote growth and prosperity to the pastoral, seafood and horticulture industries of the Gascoyne region is preparing to launch in Carnarvon on 8 June 2018.

Mareterram General Manager, Scott Razga, says that the Gascoyne Primary Producers (GPP) is long-awaited and that he is excited to see the value an effective peak body will bring to primary producer businesses, and the incredible seafood industry of the Gascoyne.

The Gascoyne Peak Body Project began in July 2017 with the purpose of forming a single dedicated peak industry body for the seafood, horticulture and pastoral industries of the Gascoyne region.

The project began with the understanding that a dedicated peak body for primary producers will enable direct and authoritative representation, the ability to establish strong working relationships with Governments and other external stakeholders and to provide the support necessary for our primary industries to reach their full potential.

The project was managed by the Carnarvon Growers Association (CGA) and undertaken by Inovact Consulting, a Canberra based consulting firm, also responsible for the formation of Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) in 2017.

10 months on from the beginning of the project and the Gascoyne Primary Producers (GPP) is now preparing to launch as the new peak body that will promote growth and prosperity to the pastoral, seafood and horticultural industries of the Gascoyne region.

The project to form GPP has been locally driven, with a Leadership Task Force of representatives from the pastoral, seafood and horticultural industries established to guide the development of a peak body that will be inclusive and self-sustainable.

The Task Force representative for the seafood industry Scott Razga, of Mareterram, says that the value of the GPP for seafood will be the ability to showcase and protect seafood businesses in the region.

“I believe the Peak Body will provide the Gascoyne region with an integrated voice to address the concerns of its members, from Horticulture, Pastoral and Seafood. There has never been an industry body in the region which covers the diversity from these key industry groups.

“With all these industries working together under the GPP we can share the synergies of what works for each industry for the advancement of the Gascoyne region.”

“The Gascoyne produces some of the best seafood in Australia and the world, and a peak body which unites primary producers will allow our industry to be buoyed by the full weight and support of all these businesses coming together,” Scott has said.

For more information about the peak body project please see the website or contact Scott at [email protected] or [email protected].