Industry Bands Together to Discuss Future of Seafood Sector

Industry members across Australia attended the ‘tipping point meeting’ held in Fremantle

Over 90 representatives from across Australia’s commercial fishing industry united by attending a seafood crisis conference in Fremantle earlier this month, facilitated by SIA and organised by WAFIC. The discussion, led by Seafood Industry Australia’s (SIA) CEO Jane Lovell, stemmed from ongoing nationwide government intervention of Australia’s 3-billion-dollar industry.

Ms Lovell said the tipping point meeting was the catalyst for the start of a unified industry approach for long term secure access rights for Australian fishing families and the Australian community at large.

Jane Lovell from SIA, led the conversation.

Industry leaders from across every state and territory came together to discuss devaluation, destabilisation, government intervention and constant erosion of resource access of the commercial seafood industry.

Meeting outcomes included the agreement on the following unequivocal resolutions:

  1. We support the WA Rock Lobster industry in their battle to reject the unprecedented, unfair and unjust proposal to steal fishing access rights;
  2. We reconfirm that security of fishing access rights is paramount to proper fisheries management, conservation and community benefit;
  3. We commit to working more closely with the Australian community;
  4. We will work to engage and educate our politicians for better community outcomes.

Days after the tippling point meeting, the Minister of Fisheries declared the McGowan’s Government’s backdown on the original plan to own a 17.3 percent share of the western rock lobster fishery.

 As a result of the resolutions and industry rights, SIA have vowed to create a ‘Resource Security Task Force’ to secure resource security for industry across Australia.  In a media statement dated, February 12, Ms Lovell said that SIA is committed to providing great security for industry, halting the constant erosion of resource access. They are now seeking nominations and advise that you can expect that this role will require high-time commitment and be hands-on.

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SIA advise expressions of interest should be in writing, outlining relevant experience, interest and skills – directed to SIA CEO Jane Lovell via [email protected].

SIA has also recently announced the arrival of Rachel Collier to the position of Membership Sales Consultant. Rachel will be on deck Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week and can be contacted via:

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