Introducing Manue Daniels, fisherman’s wife and a seasoned seafood professional

Manue Daniels - Fisherman's wife and a seasoned seafood professional

Manue Daniels – Fisherman’s wife and a seasoned seafood professional

Manue Daniels didn’t realise that she would be stepping foot into the fishing industry. Originally from Paris, Manue backpacked around Australia working in Eucia on the Nullabor Plain as a roadhouse bartender.

But then love struck.

And she went onto marry the love of her life – a southern coast rock lobster fisherman based in Esperance, WA.

Five years later Manue is nowhere near Paris but instead works full-time in the seafood industry, operating a business with her husband in Esperance. Now heavily involved in “land based activities” such as marketing and processing of seafood, Manue said that although the work can be challenging it never gets boring.

“My husband and I work as a team and each day he inspires me with his knowledge, resilience and love of the ocean.

“Although there are challenges along the way with the job, I enjoy that I am involved in something special, a world that most people do not know.

“When I explain to people what I do and the answer is I ‘never release what is involved’ – it is a reward for me as the person might just understand commercial fishing in a different way than the one conveyed in the media”, she said.

When asked about the future of the industry Manue said that the industry is faced with many challenges and issues that need to be addressed.

“There is uncertainty in this industry – that is a known fact. Challenges need to be addressed so families and generations to come can be assured of their future”.

Now the million dollar question, what is your favourite seafood – Manue laughed – “scallops of course”.

To find out more about women in the seafood industry head to (Women’s industry Network Seafood Community). WINSC is the only national organisation in Australia that represent the women of the seafood industry by raising their profiles.