Overcoming Mistruths through Commercial Fishing Media

Dane , founder of Commercial Fishing Media, is using social media to challenge the views of how the Australian commercial fishing industry is perceived.

Social media is the way forward – it allows industries and groups to have a voice, a say – something that may have been difficult in the past. It also allows for misinformation to be corrected. Dane Van Der Neut, the founder of Commercial Fishing Media (CFM), is using social media to challenge the views of how the Australian commercial fishing industry is perceived, protect the rights of the public to access locally caught seafood and build a community of seafood lovers.

A commercial fisher himself, Dane originally became involved in the promotion of Australia’s commercial fishing industry after noticing the lack of publicity the industry receives.

“I have always known that there has been a lack of promotion in the industry. There has always been the ‘let’s have a discussion’, never a ‘just do it’ attitude.”

“I started to do my own research and learnt from others. I took everyone’s opinions on board, their knowledge and created my first social media page with Donna Cook, Save Australian Seafood Consumer Rights (SASCR), 5 years ago,” he said.

The Facebook page, which has since accumulated over 2,500 followers, was aimed at seafood loving consumers who were losing their rights to accessing fresh and local seafood. The objectives of the page were simple: to advocate, promote and celebrate the Australian commercial fishing industry as well as retaliate against negativity from either the media or minority groups.

After the noticeable success of the page, he transitioned from Save Australian Seafood Consumer Rights to work on a new project – Commercial Fishing Media, a digital business designed to share, advocate, promote and defend the industry. He posts daily information from Ministers, councils, peak bodies and industry groups, educating the Australian seafood lovers community on the commercial fishing industry and retaliates against mistruths from media outlets.

“The only way I could see uniting the seafood producers and consumers is through social media.”

“I started Commercial Fishing Media, because I wanted to share what is happening in the commercial fishing industry with the public. I want the public to not only feel connected but be connected to the great people of our industry.”

“The promotion of seafood is long overdue in this country. Commercial Fishing Media not only advocates for the seafood consuming public but is an important media platform for the hardworking men and women in the fishing industry as well as industry associations,” he said.

Through Commercial Fishing Media, Dane recently launched a promotional campaign to ‘lift the spirits of the historic seafood producing industry’.

Commercial Fishing Media promotion – for the seafood industry to use says founder Dane.

In its first week alone, the campaign reached an impressive 200,000 people through its promotion via social media channels – Facebook Instagram and Twitter. The campaign included a series of thought-provoking photos with meaningful captions such as ‘hard work and resilience, puts local seafood on your table’ and ‘buy local and support your fishing industry’.

The next platform being launched by Commercial Fishing Media will be the first of its kind, a talkback program aimed to bring the entire seafood industry together through discussion.

“Seafood Talks, will be the first ever talkback program with the sole focus of seafood, from producers to consumers and seafood chefs to seafood retail professionals.”

“This will be a game changer for the seafood industry and one that will inspire more people to eat seafood and support the fishing industry. More information will be available soon on the CFM Facebook page,” he said.

Concluding, Dane is happy for any fishers, retail outlets or fish markets to use any promotions created by Commercial Fishing Media on billboards, stickers or other means of promotion to assist in communicating the ‘bigger picture’ – protecting the rights of the public to access locally caught seafood.

For more information or to follow Commercial Fishing Media – head to: https://www.facebook.com/CommercialFishingMedia/

Dane said he originally became involved in the promotion of Australia’s commercial fishing industry after noticing the lack of publicity the industry receives.

NSW Department Primary Industries & Regional Development promoted the industry using Dane’s advertising.

  • Donna Cook

    Brilliant hard work and determination does pay off well done Dane

  • Mary Howard

    Consumers, your vote, counts at the next election. Watch for political offers to remove commercial fishers for recreational fishing? It is used to gain votes over and over again and your rights to the fish are removed.

  • abalonefishing

    The west Australian Government dosent care about professional fishing but only votes.

    Any government that’s willing to build a New Marina withinn a Marine Park by not only burying and digging up a Reef System and habitat that produces 100s of thousands of tonne of commercial Abalone,on grounds of a sustainable fishery with stewardship Status, and that is also run on a successful yearly Quota System now for many years including a very active Amateur seasonal catch.
    A huge portion of this world class Marion marine park and many tonnes of Abalone and other sea creatures will be gone for eternity and centuries of past fishing and future fishing Gone for good.

    My personal best guess is that a new marina with a few new businesses and land prices opposite it, to go up in value for the few locals and developers is the Governments driving force and seems to matter more than the people of Western Australia and Perth,s World Class Fishery on the door step of a Capital City and World Class Marine Park.

    Fishing For the Future ?
    Not anymore it seems.

    Years of honing a very workable Professional and Amateur quota system for sustainability and the future of generations to be buried and taken from the people that Vote.

    Extremely disappointed.

    G. Krbavac