Pearls go for MSC certification

Unlike some people who should be certified for various reasons the pearling industry have opted to go through the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) third party certification process for their fishery. This will make them the first pearl fishery in the world to be certified – another first for WA.

As WAFIC’s Chief Executive Officer I was among a crowd of about 50 people who were in Broome’s Mangrove Hotel to hear first hand from Fisheries Minister Ken Baston about how the pearl oyster fishery will go through the full MSC process. In about 12 months we should see the fishery emerge with the MSC’s ‘blue’ tick of sustainability.

Paspaley pearl and pinctada maxima oyster

 The question then will be how this is used to a market advantage by the producers of this famed and much loved jewellery.

Will it take the industry to new heights? Will it see a boost to the sales of pearls and will it see a greater level of community support for the pearling sector of WA’s fishing industry?

– John Harrison. WAFIC CEO.