Sonny Healy’s Story: Father, Fisher & Captain

Kathy’s father, Sonny Healy quit farming in 1958 and moved back to Dongara to crayfish. He worked on a boat called ‘Corree’ – which he had purchased previously.

She noted that he always had an inkling to go back to the water but unfortunately, he didn’t have the required tickets needed to coxswain the vessel when he first went fishing. Although that didn’t stop him… and he would often get fined!

“He used to try and get someone to work with him who had the correct ticket.If they didn’t turn up or what ever he just would go to work … but someone would ring the fisheries – and the fisheries inspector would be there giving him a fine.”

She laughed, “the old inspector got to know dad really well!”

Kathy said eventually he got his boat licence, after adding up all the years on the coastline and went on to build the ‘Miss Iwin’ in the middle to late 60’s.

Thanks for sharing Sonny’s story Kathy!

: Sonny Healy – late 1960’s