WAFIC Membership Update

Recently WAFIC received 18 applications for membership including 1 for associate membership. The Board wrote to members seeking advice on the quantum of applications and the possible impact on WAFIC’s constitutional object clause 3.1.7, “to encourage and support strong fishery specific, industry sector and regional bodies”. Of the responses, 8 of 11 see no impediment to an increase in WAFIC membership surrounding this clause.

The Board also considered legal advice on technicalities of certain wording of our Constitution to do with the categories of membership. These matters were resolved at the 20 August Board meeting and the applications for membership will be considered by the Board at its October meeting.

The Board wishes to advise that anyone meeting the membership criteria may wish to apply and that if necessary another Board meeting would be held before the 30 November AGM to consider membership applications, so no one is disadvantaged.

WAFIC Membership Application Form 2018 

WAFIC Associate Membership Application Form 2018